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MEETINGS Monday at 4:30pm in Harlan House. Food and discussion. Feel free to bring a friend!

WHO ARE WE? Third Wave Resource Group is a student rights and resource group centered in Harlan House, at Cornell. We are a safe, comfortable environment for community members which provides information, equality and empowerment informed by feminism. We believe feminism is about values & ideals. Empowerment & education. Community building & understanding. (And calling people out on their bullshit).

RESOURCES WE PROVIDE Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Advocacy, access to Safe Room, emergency transportation, library, kitchen, sewing room, safe zone, and confidentiality.

CONTACT 319)895-5750

Weekly news roundup


Here are a few of the stories we’ve been paying attention to:

New York:

Political News

State News:

Stand Up For Women's Health: Weekly News Roundup ›


New York:

· Sex education is now mandatory in New York City Schools! NBC runs an interview with us: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Mandatory-Sex-Ed-Returns-to-City-Schools-127443688.html

· As does RH Reality Check: