“Until recently, due to an Illinois law, professional hair braiders in the state were legally barred from operating a business without first attending 1500 hours of cosmetology school. It’s a regulation that not only posed a major barrier in terms of money and time, but which also didn’t make any sense, since most cosmetology schools don’t teach braiding; braiders could be perfect students and learn nothing relevant. As a result, high-skill African immigrant women entrepreneurs who’d learned their trade from their mothers were being pushed underground, and were vulnerable to legal action.

Then, in September 2011, groups like the Illinois Association of Hair Braiders and the United African Organization worked with state legislators to create a separate license for hair braiders. The new license requires 300 hours of classroom and practical experience, ensuring that applicants get relevant schooling and customers get qualified professionals. It’s a real victory for Illinois’ 24,000 professional hair braiders.

In this new video created by Emmanuel García at the Crossroads Fund, whose grant to the United African Organization helped with this lobbying campaign, the folks involved this victory discuss the old law’s skewed economic impact on African immigrant women and how they worked with the system to create a solution for everyone. “


Brazilian Student Barred Entry to University for Wearing “Black Power” Natural Hairstyle




[Image: Illustration of hairy legs wearing heels. Text at the top reads, “WHATEVA WHATEVA” and at the bottom, “I DO WHAT I WANT”]


omg this is me.

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*or you know, all year leggings, if you want.

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you see this?

it’s called a razor

if you’re a girl, USE IT

your hairy legs and armpits aren’t cute okay

you’re not helping out for woman’s rights or anything



Women have been socialized to believe that they must remove hair for a number of reasons, primarily the following:

  1. hair is historically and Biblically associated with power; we as a patriarchal culture are obsessed with keeping hair on men (facial hair, Hair Club for Men, hair plugs, whatever) and keeping it off women. You say hair on women is nasty; why is it only hair on women? Women and men have the same pubic hair. We all grow it out of our follicles for the same reason. Why is it only gross on women?
  2. women’s bodies have been considered the property of men since the dawn of time, and therefore we have been held to a standard of beauty and attractiveness that is not determined by us but is instead determined by something called the male gaze, which is erases all sexualities and genders other than cisgender heterosexual men and assumes that women are performing for it.
  3. childlike women are considered less “threatening” and more “feminine” because they are naive, quiet, and rely on ~*adult men*~ to take care of them.


  1. there is a fallacy about pubic hair that it is dirty. It is not dirty. In fact, it’s there to keep your genitals cleaner. Pubic hair and armpit hair are also there to spread your pheromones around and make it easier for you to attract a mate. 
  2. all mammals have hair. We’re mammals.


  1. No one else’s body is your business. Ever. You want to shave? Go ahead! That’s totally your prerogative and if you’re more comfortable shaving, feel free. But given that pubic hair isn’t innately dirty, there’s no reason for anyone to remove it if they don’t want to.

You’re not sending out some edgy, hardcore message here. You’re just reinforcing what our culture wants you to reinforce. Before you pick up that razor again, think about why you want to shave. Is it just because our culture told you to? Why’d they tell you to? What’s the point?

Do what makes you comfortable and what makes you happy, and let others do the same.

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i told a bunch of heteronormative men that i haven’t shaved my legs in 2 years and one of them was like “what really? cuz your legs look good!” i resent this comment buddy, are you trying to say that if my hair were darker my legs would be gross? you need to learn that their is nothing sexier than being comfortable in presenting your body in whatever way you want. especially when that way is natural…anyways i don’t care if women do or don’t shave. as long as they aren’t doing it because they feel like they have to for someone else.

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what makes one of these hairstyles ghetto?

i love this post. ghetto seems to always come out of people’s mouths to refer to something/someone african/african american. when you even THINK of the term ghetto you think black people. Just keep the word out of your mouth period. Just stop using it

this is relevant today

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