Leah DeVun, Everywoman, 2012

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Portrait of Louise Marie-Therese (The Black Nun of Moret) 

Along with the Man in the Iron Mask, the French royalty has another mystery: Louise Marie-Therese. There is strong circumstantial evidence that her mother was the Queen of France sired by her page, an African midget. At this time in history it was popular for women at court to have such as pages. Read the following excerpt from Wikipedia for a fair summary on this story:

‘La Grande Mademoiselle tells that the child could be of the black page Nabo, of whom the Queen was very fond. The adultery thesis is not considered likely, as the Queen was a very pious woman, and there is no knowledge of even the slightest mistake of hers. It would be very difficult in Versailles to have a liaison and even to give birth in secret. Every Royal birth happened in public, in the Queen’s bedchambers, with all courtiers present as witnesses. The little princess Marie-Anne was born (16 November 1664) with a dark skin caused by cyanosis, and died shortly after birth (26 December 1664). Some say that the baby remained black, and had been changed with a dead girl, to avoid scandal. According to Madame, wife of Louis XIV’s brother, her husband said that the child was not black at all but very ugly. In any case, although the story about the black daughter of Maria Theresa is unconfirmed, it was still persistent and believed by many.

Saint-Simon mentions that her convent was visited sometimes by the Queen and later by Madame de Maintenon, he also mentioned that they didn’t always see her but always watch over her welfare. The nun however seemed convinced of her Royal birth, and it is told by Saint-Simon that she once greeted the Dauphin as “my brother”. A letter sent on June 13, 1685, by the Secretary of the House of King to Mister De Bezons, general agent of the clergy, and the pension’s patent of 300 pounds granted by King Louis XIV to the nun Louise Marie-Thérèse on October 15, 1695, “to be paid to her all her life in this convent or everywhere she could be, by the guards of the Royal treasure present and to come” confirm this opinion.’

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-Tigrinya girl- by Patricia Snook on Flickr.

Tigray-Tigrinya are an ethnic group who live in the southern, central and northern parts of Eritrea and the northern highlands of Ethiopia’s Tigray province. Not to be confused with the Tigre people who speak Tigre, a closely related language, see Tigrinya language.

Her tattoo looks like a feminist sign & I think its funny that the name of her group sounds like “Le Tigre”.


Emma Goldman’s mugshot.

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