In tribute to #masturbationmonth, here is Vagina & Vulva: Your guide to your Va-Jay-Jay. #InfoGraphic

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UNSUSTAINABLE population growth, coupled with grinding poverty, has prompted Philippine President Benigno Aquino to throw his support behind a reproductive health bill that will, if passed by the two houses of Congress, will guarantee access to free birth control and promote sex education. (via Catholic opposition to birth control could soon be brushed aside in the Philippines)

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Myth of the Day 46


MYTH: Sex in a hot tub / sex standing up / jumping up and down /douching after sex… will prevent STDs, including HIV, and/or pregnancy.

FACT: For those who are having sex, the ONLY way to prevent the spread of STDs, including HIV, and pregnancy is to use a condom. None of the above will reduce risk of STD or pregnancy before or after sex.

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If you are 17 or older, you can get Plan B without a prescription. If the pharmacist or pharmacy tech says you can’t, they are wrong. If you live in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Vermont, or Washington, pharmacists can prescribe and dispense EC


Harvard’s first-ever Sex Week, which aims to promote thoughtful discourse on issues of sex and sexuality through education, conversation, and vagina-themed cupcakes, kicked off Sunday with a presentation by Megan Andelloux, a certified sexuality educator and sexologist.

The weeklong event, organized by the Sexual Health Education and Advocacy Throughout Harvard College, features speakers, seminars, and movies that explore topics such as love, sex, sexuality, gender, gender identity, and relationships.

Harvard’s inaugural Sex Week comes just months after Yale’s biennial Sex Week faced an uncertain future. Though the Yale administration did not ban the popular event as some students feared, the administration did ban corporate sponsorship.

SHEATH was co-founded earlier this year by Samantha A. Meier ’12 and Abby P. Sun ’13. Both Meier and Sun served as leaders in the Peer Contraceptive Counselors program, and 

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fuck yeah sex education: Cunnilingus Exercises


To be able to perform for extended periods of time, there are a number of exercises that can be used to strengthen the muscles in your mouth. Here are a few tongue exercises and positions for performing cunnilingus:

Exercise 1

Stick your tongue as far out of your mouth…


musings and more: Pick Your Condom!



These condoms are lubricated with a chemical that kills sperm. Ok for vaginal intercourse, but not recommended for oral or anal sex.


Women and men who are sensitive to spermicide can use spermicide-free condoms. Condoms have very…

Incorrect info of the day!

Listen, y’all, I’m a Sex Educator and within the past year, the business I work for contacted Lifestyles, the condom company, to ask if there were any latex-free condoms that were safe to use with oil based lubes. 

Oil based lube is ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH LAMBSKIN CONDOMS. It breaks down the rubber/plastic in any other material.

Also, lambskin condoms are not vegan-friendly and DO NOT PROTECT AGAINST STIs.

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Weekly news roundup


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