Tweets concerning UCSB shooting, misogyny, and masculinity by Imran Siddiquee, Director of Communications for The Representation Project, the organization behind Miss Represenation and the soon-to-be-released documentary The Mask You Live In

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Critiquing the rhetoric against teen “sexting”


So, I recently was working as a teacher’s assistant for a summer program helping 8th graders transition to high school. The students occasionally had to attend lectures, including one from the vice-principal and another from a person who worked with a non-profit. The former was basically just going over the rules of the high school and telling the students how to “keep out of trouble,” while the latter was focused mainly on how to recognize bullying and sexual harassment and what to do about it.

Both lecturers told the students that “sexting” is a bad idea, and they both made the same argument as to why in almost the exact same way. The basic structure of the argument goes as follows: “If you sext someone, eventually they will break up with you, and then out of anger they will inevitably send your picture to everyone, and you will be incredibly upset. The only way to prevent this from happening is not to send pictures of yourself.”

I strongly disagree with this framework. I think that it’s possible to both warn teens that sending pictures of oneself is risky (preferably with actual data on what those risks are!) while also encouraging teens not to forward pictures without permission. Furthermore, I think that this entire approach to sexting is missing out an opportunity to talk about the actual texting side of “sexting” as a safe way to explore one’s sexuality.

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big fat feminist: elizabitchtaylor: film about a group of men getting into shenanigans=...


film about a group of men getting into shenanigans= “comedy”
film about a group of women getting into shenanigans= “chick flick”

film about a friendship between two men= “buddy flick”
film about a friendship between two women= “chick flick”

emotional film about…

New DC Comics Promotional Bookmark


My local kids’ bookstore was giving these bookmarks out today. 

Notice anyone missing?

OH! important


im doing a paper on sexism in the comic book industry

i know there are a lot of articles on that on tumblr and even blogs because ive seen and read them

however im working on my comic right now and i can’t really multitask and find them again?? if you’ve seen one or remember where one is could you please please please link me up that would be super helpful

i’ll be reblogging this psa all day so expect to see it at least 5 times if not more

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5 Ways the GOP's War on Women is Fueling Rape Culture