A feminist work in progress.

MEETINGS Monday at 4:30pm in Harlan House. Food and discussion. Feel free to bring a friend!

WHO ARE WE? Third Wave Resource Group is a student rights and resource group centered in Harlan House, at Cornell. We are a safe, comfortable environment for community members which provides information, equality and empowerment informed by feminism. We believe feminism is about values & ideals. Empowerment & education. Community building & understanding. (And calling people out on their bullshit).

RESOURCES WE PROVIDE Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Advocacy, access to Safe Room, emergency transportation, library, kitchen, sewing room, safe zone, and confidentiality.

CONTACT 319)895-5750


A friendly reminder that we have a meeting today at 4:30 in Harlan House.

Also: The Purity Myth Documentary screening is Thursday, March 8 from 7:30-9:30 in Hedges.

Book Discussion Group Reminder!

Hello fellow bookworms,

Week 3 is upon us! Sweet! Just a friendlreminder that there will be a Book Discussion Group meeting tomorrow at 6:00p.m in Cole Library Room 310.

While we originally set out to read the first 100pgs of The Purity Myth, approximately chapters 1-5, you do not have to have all of this read to participate in the conversation tomorrow. 

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.


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REMINDER! Book discussion group tomorrow at 6:00PM in Cole 108. Stop by the bookstore or contact JCastilloRivera14 for a copy, if you don’t already have one.

NOTE: The first discussion will not last 3 hours! We just booked the room that long. Also you don’t have to have a section of the book read by then either. We’re going to get to know who’s interested, set up some goals, and plan out the reading. See you then!

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My documentary with the Media Education Foundation on The Purity Myth is coming out soon! Check out page nine in their latest catalog